Its a new generation of Escape Rooms. Solve various amusing tasks in completely interactive and realistic environment, without simple locks and timers. Incredible special effects bring you into an atmosphere that completely immerses you into the game. I'ts a unique attraction, where the latest entertainment technologies will make you believe that everything is real!


Friends & Families

This is a team game for friends or families. Come play a scintillating game no matter the weather outside!


An unforgettable party: birthday, bachelorette party, team building or corporate event. You will remember this day like no other!


Looking for things to do in Andorra? Visit Andorra's main landmark! A unique attraction for both advanced escape room lovers and those who want to try something new for the first time.


Top escape room in the world. TOP-25

Among the TOP 25 of the world escape room rating; TERPECA awards 2018, and 2019 for the best escape room “Avalanche of Oblivion” out of 82,865 other escape rooms around the world.

Google 5*

Acknowledges as one of the best kinds of entertainment for the residents of and tourists in Andorra according to game votes and reviews on Google Maps.

Facebook 5*

Flawless Facebook rating - 5 stars!

Escape room radar 5*

High rating and excellent reviews for the Avalanche of Oblivion and the Cinema of Despair escape rooms by the independent experts of the worldwide best escape room search.

TripAdvisor Sertificate of Excellence

Among the 10% of companies awarded with the Certificate of Excellence and rated as one of the top Trip Advisor entertainment providers for positive game reviews


How many people can play in a game?
The game "Avalanche of Oblivion" is designed to be played by a team minimum of 2 and up to 5 players, the game "Cinema Despair" a minimum of 4 players are needed, and the maximum is 8. Under no circumstances we will accept more people per game than described above. If you are more people than the established limit, you can divide into two teams and play different games.
I've played Clausrophobia Andorra games before, is it same escape room?
Yes, it's same wonderful games, we just changed a names of our escape rooms respectively: Avalanche Of Oblivion - The Cabin, Cinema Despair - Secret Laboratory.
How is the payment of the game done?
Our games will be paid at the corresponding establishment and once you have played your game.
What is the minimum age required to participate in the games?
Each one of our games has a minimum age requirement. You can check such requirements on our website, in the description page of each game. Depending on the game the minimum ages are 7+ or 14+.
Is it necessary to have at least one adult in the team to play a game?
Yes, in all our games it is necessary that at least one of the players is of legal age. This person will be responsible for the underage members of the team, signing the necessary documents at arrival. Maximum Escape reserves the right to request identification to verify the age of the participants.
Is it scary?
Our games is not a horror games, but there is a tension, due to loud sounds and special effects. There is nobody inside the game except players, the rest is just is your imagination ;-)
Est-ce que le jeu est disponible en français ?
Tous nos jeux sont entièrement traduits en français, y compris l’accompagnement audio et les indices!



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